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Discover and celebrate with us the Greek food culture. Pan is a labour of love. An expression of the food we grew up on, the food we crave, the food we miss.

The name Pan comes from the Greek word παν meaning all, everything and inclusive. Our food captures the essence of Greek cooking – freshness, seasonality, simplicity and sharing – without being constrained by national borders.

Despina Siahuli, the heart and soul of Pan, hails from Athens, Greece. She has always been fascinated by food, and especially by how food makes people feel and the memories it creates. Seven years ago, she quit a job in online media production and started cooking. Soon after, she was selling her food in London’s street food markets and cooking  at E5 Bakehouse. She has also worked as a chef at St. John Bar Restaurant in Smithfield, French & Grace in Brixton, The Greek Larder in Kings Cross and Hand in Stratford.

Pan is her current food project intertwining food memories and traditional Greek recipes with seasonal British produce and new ingredients.

“Our feasts are a celebration of the uniqueness of the occasion, a coming together of the season, the location and the guests. Our menus emphasize on fresh, seasonal cooking and robust flavours. We respect the community and environment, the food we serve is made from fresh and seasonal ingredients, mostly provided by local suppliers.”

Photography Manos Chatzikonstantis

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