Kolatso is faites simple. Simple, pure food, simple presented and ingredients that taste of what they are. it’s usually eaten between breakfast and lunch, a fuel meal for workers and aristocrats. Here is my version with organic free range eggs, sourdough bread, kefalotyri cheese, my homemade green tomato pickles and my favourite Kalamata olives.


Eggs. Get your eggs to room temperature to best predict the cooking time and minimise cracking. Don’t worry, If your room its quite cold, just get your eggs in a bowl filled with lukewarm water for 10 min. Read more on how to boil your eggs here.

Bread, if you are using today’s bread slice it and lightly toast it. I really like mine topped with extra virgin olive oil, a dash of lemon, a pinch wild oregano, sweet chilli flakes and sea salt. Just put everything in a small mixing bowl give a good stir and then brush the mix on your toasted slices. You can do the same with butter, bring your butter to room temperature and mix in your spices.

Olives and olive oil, I always like to cook with extra virgin olive oil and also provenance is very important for me. Olives, please please avoid the fast-preserved ones, pasteurised or sterilised olives. Read more about olives here.

Enjoy it.

Photography Matthew Andrews | Food styling Despina Siahuli